Slark Moan


Slark Moan

Nashville, TN


Slark Moan is the Nashville based, indie-rock band conceptualized by multi-instrumentalist Mark Sloan, Jr.  His music is a nod to the dry drum sounds and pop sensibilities of the 1960s and ‘70s, infused with the melodic experimentation and low-fy rebelliousness of rock bands of his youth. The music is a stiff cocktail, one part Billy Joel, one part Pavement, with a dash of Jimmy Page for good measure. It reaches out to some alternate universe where George Harrison and Jeff Tweedy spend their weekends together hunched over a four track in someone’s basement.

Sloan produces, engineers, and plays every instrument on each of his records. Either bundled in winter or nude in summer, Sloan records in the poorly ventilated attic-turned-studio of his home, a recipe for vulnerability that delivers uninhibited lyricism and raw performances to the intricate arrangements.

Sloan came to Nashville to study jazz guitar, graduating in 2010, and has since been touring nationally and internationally playing guitar, pedal steel, keys, and mandolin.

Sloan has built a reputation as one of Nashville's strongest musicians and has landed performances and collaborations with numerous artists, including Margo Price, Torres, Erin Rae, Sam Outlaw, Cale Tyson, Kelsey Waldon, Kellen of Troy, Luke Bell, Andrew Combs, JP Harris, and Airpark.